Thanks to everyone who acceded for the interviews and helped the project. Developed by Collective Neokinok (Daniel Miracle, with participation of Marie Jeanson and Marguerite Bobey). With the help and support of Emmanuelle Bayart and Timo Kirez.

Thanks to everybody who has participated in this presentation in front or behind the cameras. It was possible with the participation of all the team. Thanks to Xavi Manzanares for the Pure_data patching and the artwork. Thanks to Marie for providing materials and tools for the mask, being critic about the project since the beginning, building the questions and improving the whole concept, showing a lot of courage with the street interviews, taking initiative with streaming live and making short videos creations in log shot with the mobile phone. Thanks to Marguerite for being active in all matters of the project, tanking risks in the filmmaking, getting very good cutaway shots, editing videos with incredible creativity, solving technical and conceptual problems very fast and showing an amazing capacity of work and engagement. Also thanks to Emmanuelle and Timo for the proposing the context and bringing the ideas, providing the possibility of developing it, and especially for all the love, care and help they displayed during all the production of EUR(h)OPE.


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